An effective benefits strategy advances a company towards its sales, marketing, financial and recruitment goals.

Tailored Benefits works closely with clients to strategically create plans that  meet their company benefits needs.

  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of your current plan operations.
  • We assess your current and future objectives.
  • We design action plans in accordance with your ultimate goals.


Tailored Benefits brings professional employee benefit management experience to the table when designing, implementing and managing your company benefit programs.

All Tailored Benefits representatives, from the firm’s Principals to our administrative staff, are available to service the needs of our clients at any time.

We treat every customer benefit dollar as if it were our own. Your Tailored Benefits specialists are held personally accountable for the success of your company benefits solutions.


Tailored Benefits can help save you time and money.

  • We design and implement creative solutions that enhance your company benefit programs and decrease your costs.
  • We actively take responsibility for the administration of your benefits programs
  • We eliminate the need for any person in your company to deal with any issues associated with your benefit plans or programs.


Our founder worked for 10 years as a licensed attorney in Northern California prior to launching Tailored Benefits.

His experiences resolving company benefits and employee related issues led him to instill an advocacy approach to Tailored Benefits’ client services.

Whenever an employee experiences a problem with a benefit plan or claim, we ask that they be forwarded to our customer service department, which will intervene on their behalf to resolve the issue.

  • We thoroughly review each case and recommend winning courses of action.
  • We keep current with changes in laws relevant to company benefit packages.
  • We aggressively represent your interests to ensure enforcement of all contractual provisions.

We offer a no obligation, free initial consultation

We provide our clients with an uncompromising Commitment to Strategy, Accountability, Value, and Advocacy

We welcome any questions, requests for information or feedback you may have.

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